Q: What do I need when I go to the lot to fill out an application?

A: Drivers license, a recent pay stub, two pieces of mail with your name and address dated within 30
days, 5 references, and your down payment in cash.

Q: What does Quick Auto look for in order to get approved?

A: A full-time verifiable job, at least 6 months of residence time and no repossessions with Heritage Acceptance Corporation*.

Q. What if I've had a bankruptcy?

A. We are able to assist individuals who have started the Chapter 7 bankruptcy process.

Q: Who does Quick Auto's financing?

A: Heritage Acceptance Corporation* in Elkhart, IN

Q: Does the Finance Company (Heritage Acceptance Corporation*) report to the Credit Bureaus?

A: Yes, Quick Auto and Heritage Acceptance Corporation* want to help you establish or reestablish your credit. For this reason Heritage Acceptance Corporation* reports to the Major Credit Bureaus.

Q: What is Heritage Acceptance Corporation's* phone number?

A: 1-800-233-9598

Q: What is the Limited Warranty phone number?

A: 1-877-594-5288

Q: What does the Limited Warranty cover?

A: The Limited Warranty offered by Quick Auto Inc. covers a period of twelve months or twelve thousand miles, whichever occurs first. It covers specific items in these following seven categories: Engine, Transmission, Drive Axle, Cooling System, Steering, Brakes, Electrical. The only requirements of the Limited Warranty holder are, regular routine required maintenance of the vehicle, following a simple claims procedure, and keeping their payments with Heritage Acceptance Corporation up-to-date. The Limited Warranty holder is also responsible for a $50 per occurrence deductible.


*Ohio Residents Only - Heritage Acceptance Corporation
d/b/a Landmark Acceptance Corporation